Travel and flyfishing in the Russian Far East

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Dolly Varden charr are often biting big flies (Urak River)

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Lenok (Siberian trout)     Rus

Macucuau  (fishing in Brazil)      Rus

Mongolia - taimen fishing in spring     Rus

In the Eastern Sakhalin (trip to the Langeri, Vengeri, Pilenga, and Bogataya Rivers)      Rus

Talan Island      Rus

Uchur River      Rus

Sakhalin, Krilion Peninsula, early summer     Rus

Shadows in the sea (fly-fishing in Florida)     Rus

Lessons of the flood (Im River)     Rus

Shantar Islands      Rus

Shantar Rainbow trout     Rus

Kunashir Island (Southern Kurils)     Rus

Amur River fishing      Eng / Rus  

Catch-and-release fishing       Rus

Description of the Russian Far East (RFE)       Eng / Rus

Fish of  Amur River         Eng / Rus\

Rio-Negro (Fishing in Brazil)         Rus

Fishing in the Russian  Far East     Eng / Rus

Fishing trips    Eng / Rus

Bichi    Eng / Rus - (tour)

Im     Eng / Rus - (tour)

Samarga     Eng / Rus - (tour)

Tambovka    Eng / Rus - (tour)

Tugur     Eng / Rus - (tour)

Urak     Eng / Rus - (tour)

Uchur     Eng / Rus - (tour)

Yama     Eng / Rus - (tour)

Float-trips in the Russian Far East       Eng / Rus   

Fly-tying        Eng / Rus

Flyfishing         Rus

Grayling         Eng / Rus

Is there trout near Magadan?         Rus

List of sportfishes of the RFE    (Russian, Latin & English) 

Organization of fishing trips      Eng / Rus

Rare fish species of the RFE       Eng / Rus

Wild Salmon Center       Rus

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          Glossary - fishing terms

Siberian taimen from the Tugur River (June 2002, photo O.Abramov) 

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