Travel and flyfishing in the Russian Far East

    Coho is often jumping after the hookup 


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February 2009: 

Several articles in Russian are added:

Galapagos Islands

Lenok (Siberian trout)

Macucuau  (fishing in Brazil)

МMongolia - taimen fishing in spring

In the Eastern Sakhalin (trip to the Langeri, Vengeri, Pilenga, and Bogataya Rivers)

Talan Island

Uchur River

Sakhalin, Krilion Peninsula, early summer

Shadows in the sea (fly-fishing in Florida)

Lessons of the flood (Im River)

Shantar Islands

Shantar Rainbow trout

Kunashir Island (Southern Kurils)



March 2007:       The book "Fly-fishing the Russian Far East" is published


Last changes - May 1,  2006: 

1. The  design of the main page is changed

2. New  Fishing page with pictures of our main sport-fishes

3. New  Fishing tours page 

4. An article Grayling is translated into English 


                 Some of the pages of this web-site are translated into English:

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   Amur grayling from the Samarga River is bigger than in most streams of Primorie.  

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