Travel and flyfishing in the Russian Far East


Im River 30 km from the mouth

Im River

We offer a float-trip in the lower reaches of the Im River, tributary to huge Amgun River (Lower Amur). Im is a small stream, very convenient for fly fishing. 3-4 kg fish are quite common in catches with a fly. Siberian taimen in the Im River is normally small, although some trophy specimens up to 30 kg were landed here. The river is famous by its really big lenok (Siberian trout) - 55 cm average; 80 cm fish are not rare. Both taimen and lenok in this river are surface-oriented and often bite dry flies. 

80 cm long lenok 

            Trophies:   lenok - 2-3 kg average; Siberian taimen, Amur grayling, pink salmon.

            Best fishing season:  June 15 - July 5, September 1- October 1.

            Group size: 6 fishermen.

            Trip conditions: Floating with inflatable rafts, sleeping in tents. 

            Recommended trip duration: 7 days 

            Day 1:  Arrival to Khabarovsk; night - in hotel.  

            Day 2:  Bus transfer Khabarovsk - Tambovka (6 hours), MI-8 helicopter flight to the river  (1.5 hours), fishing.

            Days 3 - 6:  Floating, fishing

            Day 7:  Fishing, preparation for departure,  helicopter flight to Tambovka, bus trip to Khabarovsk; departure from Khabarovsk. 


 Floating the Im River

In the cost included: meeting at the airport, all transfers, fishing guide/interpreter, cook, rafts and camping gear, fishing license. 


In the cost not included: hotel fee, insurance, beverages, satellite phone



Oleg Abramov (the tour outfitter) with 133 cm taimen



Lower part of the Im River (high water period)


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